We manufacture and sell incense sticks founded in 1940 (Showa 15). At the time of  founding, we collected cedar leaves in the mountains of Nikko, crushed them with a water wheel, manufactured and sold cedar powder, which is the raw material for cedar incense sticks.

The production began around 1945 (Showa 20), and the cedar powder manufacturing industry was reduced, and now only incense sticks are manufactured and sold.

Nikko Cedarwood incense sticks have a high market share nationwide and have long been popular when visiting graves.  But what is not well known is that we are working hard to create new products so that they can be used at home. In addition to Cedarwood incense, we also develop and sell products such as scented “Sandalwood” “Lavender,” less-smoked “Less Smoke,” and letter-appeared on ash "Letter Appear."

We would appreciate it if you happen to know about Nikko incense sticks and use them for a long time.